Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Alternative and a Dream on Bike

Vikalp, in letter, means an alternative. In spirit also, it aims to offer an alternative to people in terms of a society free from gender bias; a society which is violence free and provides equal opportunity to every one.
Vikalp was formed by youths with a considerable experience in the fields of social organisation, leadership building and taking up issue-based work. Most of the members have been dealing with cooperative ventures, decentralization, sensitization, empowerment, sustainable development, gender equity etc.

The organisation’s mission is to integrate the voices of youth in the process of social development, augmenting their capacities and co-creating enabling opportunities for their meaningful participation.

Another partner of this campaign happens to be 'Dream on Wheels' (DOW). DOW is the brain child of International Bike racer Bittoo Sondhi – popularly known as Bittoo Bikewallah. Bittoo’s own story is so inspiring that dreams start sailing in ether. His passion for Bikes cured him of a killer disease like Cancer. And that was just the beginning of his tryst with triumph. Over the years he has participated in over 58 major rallies like Great Desert Himalaya (GDH), Raid-de-Himalaya, South India Rally, Hot Weather Rally etc; always finishing in top 5 positions. Bittoo was also instrumental in starting the 'Bike for Peace' global rally in Chandigarh. He has also participated in Aman Yatra, held during Gujarat carnage.

After motivating children and youth through his association with various organisations, he founded his own organisation Dream on Wheels.

DOW endeavors to restore people’s faith in their dreams and help them to realise their unfulfilled potential. It has initiated its work with humble beginnings by supporting a school for underprivileged children in South Delhi and has several plans in pipeline to help those people who face various hardships in life.

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