Sunday, January 08, 2006

And Finally, The Rally

Finally, a Bike Rally. Yes, on 29th January, people will start pouring in from 21 Panchayat areas - in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. They will be coming on cycles, scooters, motorcycles and other mode of transport. Some will be even reaching after walking for miles.

On the morning of 30th January, we intend to take out a Bike Rally, led by International Bike racer Bittoo Sondhi. Many renowned residents of this area will be present to support our campaign. Through this rally, we intend to sensitise people over the declining girl child ratio.

The rally will make stop-overs at man places, where participants and other activists will hold various performances and initiate discussions with the local populace.

The rally will finally culminate at Jodhpur on 31st January.

Have a good time
Your half world site touched me. I was inspired to compose the following poem. I wrote it a draft can revise it if you like....and can use it during the events of the race.....I have time to polish the poem further.... Perhaps you can paste it on a billbord near Bittoo's Booth at the rally......Just thoughts to promote the cause....I admire Bittoo...Kudos to him

Dikri beti, tujhey mera asheervad

Annkhen kholo tum Dikri kay pita

Ankhen kholo tum Dakri ki mata

Ek zamana tha jab Dikri thee Lakshmi

Kanjkain thethey they usay hum

Uska paaon chhukar

Hai kaya hua aab is zammano ko

Dikri bacchati nahin ek saans bharkar

Es duniya main aanay ko wo band hai

Es dumiya main rahnay main wo tang hai

Agar kabhi wo jee bhee jaati hai

To uskee zaban hamesha band hai

Ronay ke gaanay wo gaati hai

Hamesha aapni tanhaeeon main

Solah varash ki hokar wo bik jaati hai

Kisay bhurray kambhakt ki bahon main

Tarpatti rehti hai wo zindgi bhar

Khawand ka zulum sehnay main

Paon chhutee hai wo kabhi kanjakon ka

Haath jod kar Laksmi se kehti hai:

Haey kya hua es zamany ko

Soee huee ho kakan tum Lakshmi

Kyon janam dehtee ho zulum sehno ko….


My Dikri daughter, blessings to you.

Open your eyes, O dad of Dikri

Open your eyes , O mom of Dikri

There were times when Dikri was Lakshmi

We used to give her offerings

Touching her feet

O God, what came upon this world

Dikri cannot take a single breath of life

She's forbidden to come to this world

She lives her life cussing this world

If somehow she manages to survive

She is silenced for what’s on her mind

Living always in her loneliness

Songs of miseries she sings

When she is barely sixteen

No one marries her without dowry

She goes in the arms some cursed

Old man, more than three times her age

All her life she suffers

Taking bull shit from her old man,

Some times she touches the feet of Dikris

And folding her hands she prays to Lakshmi:

O God, what came upon this world

Where are you sleeping, O Lakshmi

Why you gave me life to suffer so much...
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