Sunday, January 08, 2006

By Them, For Them

It has been a humbling experience, to work for this campaign. When we started, we just had a faint idea of how we intended to run this campaign. We met people and over a feast of tea and Rajasthani delicacies, the framework of this campaign began to crystallise.

The local people were excited about the idea. Little did they know, or for that matter us, that the local people would chart their own course; something that would prove to be a major change in their outlook. People pooled in ideas and we discussed them together. We organised a crash course in Comics-making and in no time, volunteers came out with Comics – one after another. A new thing was happening. The local people were preparing the campaign material for themselves. Using local characters, which wore traditional dresses and spoke their language, the activists made various comics on issues revolving around them and their society. Everything was familiar and we reaped the benefits of our efforts from Day 1. People came, saw these comics and understood what we were talking about. That is what we wanted.

Just saw this blog on the net. Excellent campaign. The words, my God, they are so powerful. Shrda and his team please keep it up. Sharad is a great writer... God, Cheeks, Pink and then that comparison. I also like the question of Dkri: Would my husband's hair be black? Amazing writing
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