Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Our Drive, our Inspiration

During various discussions and brain storming sessions, one thing emerged very clear – if we want this campaign to succeed, it has to first start ticking like a clock in peoples’ mind. We remembered what Mahatma Gandhi had said years ago; something which we thought was very much relevant to what we were planning. He had talked about a movement being launched by not working along the periphery of the society, but after penetrating deep into it. He had also reflected upon the fact that villages were the true image of real India.

We decided to make these two observations of the Mahatma the pivot of our campaign. Three organisations came together to realise one dream – with equal quantum of passion and commitment.
Vikalp happens to be a group of dedicated youth, who shifted from lake city of Udaipur to the sandy dunes of Barmer district, because they thought Barmer was the place where there was even more need of changing the lives of people. Situated along the border, life is a continuous struggle for its inhabitants. More so for the female gender that becomes a victim of bias and discrimination prevalent in the society. That is where help was required and with almost no monetary support, Vikalp plunged into action.

World Comics India has been conducting workshops in the remotest areas of India, training volunteers and grass-root activists in making Comics, which serves as a potent yet affordable medium of communication. The organisation got associated with the Barmer campaign as it felt that its experience and expertise was much required. In no time, it conducted workshops in the district, where children and youth were trained in the art of making comics – based on issues that mattered to them. This was probably happening for the first time in the history of any campaign that the publicity material for the campaign was generated locally, by the people, at whom this campaign was targetted. There were absolutely no funds at disposal. But when things are supposed to be done, then nothing should come in between. And that is what happened. Using the cheap, black and white format, Comics booklets and posters were prepared and then photocopied.

Then came Dream on Wheels. People have dreams but more than often they don’t know how to realise them. That is where Dream on Wheels comes into picture as an organisation and helps people achieve what they have been only imagining. This dream in particular; the dream of ensuring a bright future for the girl child is the collective dream of these three organisations, which they are hell bent on realising. And realise they will!

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