Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Partners in Campaign

Vikalp - an organisation based in Rajasthan started the 'Save Girl Child' campaign in an informal way in 2003. The idea was to create awareness on this issue in the state, particularly in Western Rajasthan. Many activities took place in this regard in the last two years. Local youth were made a part of this campaign. Through various meetings and discussions with them, the message could reach other people as well. This initiative later took the shape of a public campaign.

This was the time when Delhi-based World Comics India joined the campaign. For years, World Comics India has been working at using Comics as an alternate medium of communication. The time had come to use the same expertise in rendering a new momentum to the campaign. After training the local children and youth, a set of comics, to be used as campaign material, was prepared.

During this time only, another dimension was added to the campaign. All of us were of the opinion that no campaign succeeds until it reaches out to people. That is how rallies began. People, who had turned into activists now, spread the idea - travelling by foot, cycles and motorcycles - to Dhaanis (residential clusters), to villages and then to city. To strengthen the campaign further, International Bike racer Bittoo Bikewallah also pooled in this year, through his organisation 'Dream on Wheels'.

Well begun is half done. And how we agree!

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