Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sorry God, we name her Sorry

She is Maafi. Maafi in Hindi means 'Sorry'. She is the fourth girl born to her parents. They were so detested after Maafi's birth that they sought forgiveness from God. That is why they chose to name their fourth girl child 'Maafi'. Sorry God, no more daughters please.

The 'Aapni Dikri Ro Hak' campaign will continue till parents stop naming their daughters Maafi.

An interesting, inspiring, & necessary campaign worthy of this blog that generates thoughts & emotions. A couple of months ago I participated in a training session by World Comics Finland & World Comics India, and saw a video on the campaign - it was touching, more so because I've been to the Thar region and hope to return. On with the exellent work!
This blog caught my attention immediately. The story about Maafi, Sorry-name for unwanted girls was something I wrote about in my blog, too.
Definitely will find out about different ways to support the campaign and baby-girls and schoolgirls in Rajahstan, very important and also I got the feeling you´re very determined and passionate about this, which inspires others. Will link this forward...
found this page through the previous writer. just came back from india and this situation with girls...makes me as many others so sad. hope your campaing works!!
this campaign and the method used by wci to involve people in developing the campaigns though drawing (documented in the fine video available on DVD) is really inspiring... it gives me hope for activism and community work
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